Kitchen Cops: Mold in ice machine, uncovered containers of food


Inspectors gave El Nuevo Milenio Cafe on 7150 New Laredo Highway a 76. That's a passing score but there were some issues. Among the violations, the inspector found:

  • An employee handling ready to eat food after handling raw meats with bare hands
  • Unlabeled bottles of chemicals
  • Food being cooled improperly
  • Containers of food not properly dated
  • Uncovered containers of food
  • To-go bags being used to store food
  • Mold in the ice machine
  • Chipped plates and bowls
  • Pipe leaking water on floor in storage area

Blue Plate Award

This week's Blue Plate Award goes to the Big Bib on 104 Lanark Drive. This is their second Blue Plate they've earned for having a clean kitchen. They're known for their excellent, heaping portions of barbecue and sides -- but they also have a great reputation for their hospitality, too.

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