Kitchen Cops: Chemicals next to tea, fly traps next to soups

Inspectors gave Hon Machi Sushi and Tepanyaki Restaurant on 1321 FM 1604 in Stone Oak, a 75 -- a passing score but there were a few problems.

Among the violations, the inspector found:

  • Chemicals stored over open containers of tea
  • Fly traps sitting next to clean pots and soups
  • An employee handling ready-to-eat food with bare hands
  • Toxic liquids stored in unlabeled spray bottles
  • Expired food in the refrigerator
  • No thermometers in several refrigeration units
  • Employee not wearing hair restraint

Blue Plate Award

This week's Blue Plate Award goes to Apetitos Mexican Restaurant on 1615 Meadow Way Dr. This is their 4th award they've won over the years and it's well-deserved.

Congratulations, guys for keeping your kitchen squeaky clean!

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