China Garden #3 shut down because of roach infestation

The Metro Health Department forced the closure of a West Side Chinese restaurant, and this week's Blue Plate Award is presented to a family-run Italian restaurant. They are the subjects of tonight's Kitchen Cops.

China Garden gets a failing score

Inspectors found such a bad roach infestation that it closed the China Garden #3 for a day on January 24. Located at 9107 Marbach Rd it scored a 67. A passing score is 70 or above. Besides the roach infestation, inspectors also found:

  • Employee drinks in the ice machine
  • Toxic items near food and food surfaces
  • Gnat infestation
  • Vent hoods filled with grease dripping into food

La Sorrentina awarded Blue Plate

This weeks Blue Plate award goes to La Sorrentina on 3330 Culebra Rd. This family run restaurant brings a taste of Italy, right here to the heart of Texas. This Italian restaurant sits across from St. Mary's University and there is no wonder why there is always a full house. You can order everything from shrimp scampi to baked spaghetti. They won their first Blue Plate in 2015 and couldn't be more thankful for their community's support.

Congratulations guys, and thanks for keeping your kitchen squeaky clean!

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