21 health violations fail Mexican restaurant

La Parraquia

A Mexican grill off of Loop 410 fails its latest health inspection with twenty-one violations, while a local wood fire grill gets a perfect score and captures the Blue Plate.

La Parraquia, 847 Loop 410, received a failing score of 59 from the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. Twenty-one violations were found, including:

• Expired foods in walk in refrigerators

• Bare hand contact with ready to eat foods

• Fruit flies around service sink

• Food brought in from a private home with no proof of food license

Embers Wood Fire Grill and Bar is awarded Blue Plate

This locally owned restaurant uses oak fire and no gas. They can cook up burgers, pizzas, steaks, ribs, chicken and a 16-ounce rib-eye. They put their wood fire salmon above any salmon in the city. Embers Wood Fire and Grill is located on 9818 i10 Frontage Road and has been around a little over a year, and they couldn’t thank their customers enough for the success of the restaurant.

" Our 16-ounce rib-eye is fantastic, but my absolute favorite is our wood fired salmon. I put it against any other salmon in the city. " said operating partner, Adam Rasmussen.

Congratulations guys, and thanks for keeping your kitchen squeaky clean!

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