Making a Difference: San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood

San Antonio Fire Chief helping at-risk students (News 4 SA photo)

SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood has still gets excited about going to work each day and he also appreciates the time he spends helping at-risk students at a nearby elementary school.

Chief help has been helping students, at Douglass Elementary School, improve their reading skills and he has seen the progress in 2nd graders, Desire Jaramillo.

Hood reflects on his childhood and always knew he would become a fireman.

"Absolutely, this is a noble profession. But the thing is, you have to do something you really love," he said.

But Chief Hood never thought about becoming the first African American to manage the city's fire department.

He has 31 years of experience and hopes some of the children he mentors would someday consider becoming a first responder.

"Hopefully, one day, a couple of them will become firefighters. If not, hopefully they will be responsible adults that read and hold a job and be able to fulfill their dreams."

Even if they don't, Chief Hood feels it's important for people in leadership roles to give back. That's why he became a mentor at Douglass Elementary.

He chose the school because many of the students come from low income families and they don't always have someone to help with homework or reading.

He can't solve all of the problems they might have to deal with, but he can offer them a chance to move up to a higher level of learning, knowing they have someone who cares about their success.

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