Even with rodent droppings restaurant passes health inspection

Lazarita's Mexican Restaurant

A Mexican restaurant has some issues it needed to address, while a Korean Grill earns a perfect score.

Lazarita's Mexican Restaurant barely passes inspection

Lazarita's Mexican Restaurant, at 166 W-W White Road, scored a 70 on their latest health inspection. While it is passing, it is the lowest score a restaurant can receive, but still pass.

Inspectors found the following:

  • Utensils that had food debris on them were stacked with the clean ones
  • Toxic materials were found too close to food, equipment, or utensils
  • A device must be installed to prevent back flow of solid liquid or gas contamination
  • Roach and rodent droppings were found

Kogi's Korean Grill captures Blue Plate

This week's Blue Plate winner is Kogi Korean Grill. You'll find this Korean cuisine in a strip center on the corner of Vance Jackson and De Zavala, at 12651 Vance Jackson. The grill is open daily and offers full bar service. A few of their signature dishes include beef bulkogi and stone bowl Bi Bim Bap.

Congratulations guys, and thanks for keeping your kitchen squeaky clean!

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