What's inside Prince's vault?

A vault inside Prince's home is said to hold thousands of unreleased songs.

Prince. Where to begin?

Like true royalty, he was born with a title and power - the power of originality - that he tested, nurtured and perfected, transforming Prince Rogers Nelson into Prince.

You name it (sing, act, write, produce, perform, master multiple instruments, fight corporations, etc.); he could do it. The only exception? "'I can't cook,'" Prince told "TIME" in 1984.

Despite his inability in the kitchen, he whipped up a giant pot of music that's still stewing in his home.

The pop star is said to have thousands of unreleased tracks in a vault at his Paisley Park mansion. What's inside?

BBC radio's Mobeen Azhar searched for an answer in the 2015 documentary, "Hunting for Prince's Vault."

The documentary is a collection of interviews with those who worked closely with the star for years.

Susan Rogers, his former sound engineer, started the vault and said Prince recorded songs at a rate of one album per week.

Composer Brent Fischer estimates roughly 70% of his work with Prince is unreleased.

Collaborators share the names of some of their favorite unreleased tracks, and Azhar shared a detail not included in the documentary with "VICE."

" ... I know on good authority that one thing that's in the vault and unlikely to ever come out is a collaboration with Madonna that Prince has toyed with releasing and was going to release it at one point but he hasn't," Azhar told VICE.

Fans want to know what's inside, which could explain why a website dedicated to the vault, has produced little more than an error message since the 57-year-old's death Thursday.

The other lingering question: when will the songs be released?

The short answer is, no one knows. BUT, it will happen.

Azhar shared some pieces of the puzzle with "VICE."

  • #1: Prince thought in terms of centuries
  • #2: Prince enjoyed buried treasures - the idea that new songs can be found so long as fans keep looking.

So, for all we know, the vault is open. Or, maybe it will open in a century.

Look around. Listen. Buried treasures require action. It's waiting to be found.

Prince. Where to begin? Where to end?

Here's a preview of the documentary.

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